Copy and Paste Across Sites – Introducing The New Plugin That Makes It Easier Than Ever!

banner image for Post/Page Copying Tool to Export and Import post/page for Cross site Migration WordPress plugin

Copying a page or post from one site to another can be a tedious task, but now there’s an easier way! Introducing the new plugin that makes it easier than ever before to copy content of a single page or post from one website to another with just two clicks.

With this new plugin, you don’t have to manually copy and paste every single piece of content anymore – now you can easily transfer entire posts and pages across sites. This plugin is fast, easy-to-use, and most importantly, convenient. Keep reading to find out more about how this innovative new WordPress plugin we developed here at WPSPIN LLC.

Topics covered:

  • Why something like this is needed, in the first place
  • The Problems with the Default WordPress Import/Export Tool and other tools available
  • How the Post/Page Copying Plugin Solves These Issues
  • Demo of the Plugin in Action

Why Post/Page Copying Tool for Cross site Migration is needed

The Post/Page Copying Tool to Export and Import post/page for Cross site Migration plugin makes it easy to copy and paste content across sites!
With this plugin, you can download a post in a JSON format(a simple text file) and upload it to another post or a page to overwrite its content. This eliminates the need to manually copy titles, categories, featured images, and other content elements across different versions of WordPress sites.

The plugin also supports post titles, content, featured images, tags, categories and custom taxonomies as well as PostMeta/Custom Fields. Additionally, the plugin works with major page builders(Gutenberg, Elementor, Beaver builder, Thrive, Divi, etc.) and ACF fields so you can choose selective posts to duplicate instead of migrating an entire database.

Problems with other WordPress Import/export tools

  1. WordPress Default Importer/Exporter
    The WordPress default importer/exporter tool has many limitations and isn’t user-friendly, making it hard to import or export data. It also doesn’t preserve featured images, taxonomies, or custom fields when moving from site to site, requiring manual addition after completion.
  2. WP All Import
    WP All Import is a great plugin for importing and exporting blog posts, but it does require extra extensions and paid licenses for certain features. It can also be complex to set up with custom taxonomies or large datasets.
  3. CSV Importer & Exporter
    Doesn’t support advanced field types, can be difficult to configure for some document formats, lacks built-in security features and is slow for handling large datasets.

How the Post/Page Copying Plugin we developed solves these Issues

Our WordPress plugin makes it easy to transfer data between websites or different pages and posts. It works by creating a json file for each post or page which can then be imported into another website or WordPress install; this means you can quickly and easily move content from one place to another.

The features include:

  • Copying each page/post into a file so you can import into another post/page
  • Auto-imports the images(featured and content) as long as they are publicly accessible
  • Imports all categories, tags, and even custom taxonomies so you do not have to recreate them manually
  • Imports all meta-fields that stores all info like ACF fields data, Yoast data, etc
  • Works with all popular page builders and by default supports black editor

Demo of the Plugin in Action

Download the plugin now and let us know your feedback